Stretch Wrap Walmart

OPALUS PACK manufacturer specialize in Stretch Wrap Walmart with size 500mm x 400m x 20mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD4.5-6.5 per roll. Product range:LLDPE Stretch Film,Pallet Wrap,Wrapping Roll etc.

Product Details

Product Description

Item NameStretch Wrap Walmart
TypeHand/Machinewrap stretch film
Regular thickness10-30um
Regular Width20-50cm

Product Advantages:

1.High transparency & Good glossiness2.Homogeneity of thickness 
3.High cost performance4.Double-sided sticky
5.Innocuous, tasteless, and safe6.Use easily, high efficiency
7.High strength anti buffering8.Good recoil rate
9.Anti piercing10.Good tearing resistance
11.Fast contraction at low temperature12.In high speed conditions, well sealed
13.Recycled & Environmental protection14.Waterproof, dustproof,anti dispersion

Product Applications:

Our Stretch Wrap Walmarts are widely used for chemical pigment, bottles, cans, paper making, hardware and electrical appliances, plastics, chemicals, building materials, agricultural products, food and other industries.



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