Shipping Plastic Wrap

OPALUS PACK manufacturer specialize in Shipping Plastic Wrap with size 500mm x 400m x 20mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD4.5-6.5 per roll. Product range:LLDPE Stretch Film,Pallet Wrap,Wrapping Roll etc.

Product Details


Product Description

Product Name
Shipping Plastic Wrap
Delivery Time
7-15 days after receiving deposit

Feature & Advantage

>LLdpe stretch film is an industrial use of film products
With high tensile strength, elongation, self-adhesive, and high transparency; anti-puncture, high strength and high performance,

Provide primary protection for the product, the product is formed around a very light, protective outer (dust, oil, moisture, water, security); can be widely used in foreign trade and exports, paper, metal, plastic, chemical, building materials, food And the pharmaceutical industry.

>Compression fix ability (with the stretch of the stretch film after the stretch of the product will be wrapped around the package to form a compact, space-free unit as a whole, so that the packaging is more solid and clean); can be widely used in a variety of goods concentrated packaging The.

>Use: hand and machine with wound film



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