Pallet Packing

OPALUS PACK manufacturer specialize in Pallet Packing with size 500mm x 400m x 20mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD4.5-6.5 per roll. Product range:LLDPE Stretch Film,Pallet Wrap,Wrapping Roll etc.

Product Details

Product Details:

Performance of pallet packing: 
(1) Environmental protection .with high quality, Using environmental protecting materials, and won't create poisonous gas, it is according with the American FDA standard and can pack foods directly.
(2) High Seal strength, Fine sealability, and wide welding scope and can be sealed at low.
(3) High shrinkable ratio: Heat shrinkable ratio>60%, it has fine plastic function for special shaped products with natural packaging.
(4) Pressurized packaging to prevent from ash and wet
three laminating layers can prevent oxygen, gas and wet, and can't taint ashes.
(5) frivolity, tenacity and even thickness
Light proportion, low cost, strong flexibility, high pulling intensity, fine impact function and won't be broken.
(6) high transparency, and fine luster, fine luster can packaging very well
(7) endurable cold, low temperature and fine function, Keeping flexible in low temperature and 35 degrees under zero, and it won't become hard and  fragile and aging.
(8) fine heat sealing performance, simple packaging and fine heat sealing performance, operation convenient, break film impossible and can be used for high speed pack.






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