Folie Stretch

OPALUS PACK manufacturer specialize in Folie Stretch with size 500mm x 400m x 20mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD4.5-6.5 per roll. Product range:LLDPE Stretch Film,Pallet Wrap,Wrapping Roll etc.
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Width : 18inch 

Length  :1500ft 
Net weight:3.79kgs per roll  

Color: clear, transparent,red,black or customized color for choice

Material: LLDEP import from Exon Mobil  


1) Customized width  available,450mm,500mm,

2) Message or logo impringting for film available

3) Usage for packaging

4) There are 5 film color for choice

5) Replaceable film mechanism








Q1: How many rolls in one carton box?

A: It depends on customers' request, for hand rolls it will be 4 or 6rolls in one carton box, for machine use, it will be 1 roll/ctn. You can use pallet packing without carton box, but this will cause the problem for the film, it may happen collapsed.

Q2: Will this wrap leave a sticky residue on the items it is wrapping?

A: No, it is really nice and neat 

Q3: Is this the material that is used on factory sealed video games, and or movies?

A: It will use in pallet packing or protect the product ,it can help you water and moisture resistance.

Q4:Does it have handles?

A: Mini roll can be with handles. Handles will be 0.3/pcs in additional.

Q5: Do you need to heat the plastic to be be able to get something wrapped?

A: No, it will simple stick to itself.

Q6: Is this waterproof?

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