Environmental Reinforcement Kraft Paper Tape For Sealing / Packaging

With the help of our team of experts, we are able to offer a wide range of Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape that is available in the form of rolls and is suitable for transformer insulation (OPALUS Band). These tapes are used to bind/tie the critical components in transformers. These tapes have all the properties of EGI kraft paper with additional strength as required.
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Product Details

Detailed Product Description

Item Name:Reinforcement Kraft Paper TapeColor:Brown/White
Width:50mm,60mm,70mm,, Or CustomizedThinkness:110~160μ
Packing:24/36/48/72rolls Per Carton As Your RequestFiber Line:With/without
Usage:Industry, Gift Wrapping, Binding And PackagingPrinting:Custom Printed Logo

Environmental Reinforcement Kraft Paper Tape For Sealing / Packaging




Widely used to seal high environmental requirements export cartons, modify label,seal and insulate heat for firecracker and household electronics,connect paper and panel.



Adhesive to Note:

1). glued should keep dry and clean, otherwise it will affect the adhesive tape stick and effect;

2). exert a certain force, make the combination of adhesive tape and glued thing well; After completion

3). when its use function, to peel tape as soon as possible, avoid the phenomenon of glue;

4). do not have UV resistant function of the adhesive tape, to avoid sun exposure, appearincomplete    


5). different environment and different don't stick, the same tape will show different results;

     Such as glass. Is widely used in metal, plastic, etc., before the first trial.




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