Why the PET high temperature tape not to be used properly

- Mar 27, 2018-

PET tape is one of the high-temperature adhesive tapes. It has excellent tackiness so that it will not fall off when it is used. As a packaging manufacturer of PET high-temperature tapes, OPALUS PACKING often receives feedback of  consumers , "Why our PET's high-temperature tape cannot be used properly?" Next, we analyze the reasons why PET high-temperature tapes cannot be used properly:


1, the type of adherend. Due to the different internal molecular structure and different surface roughness of the adherends of different materials, which affect the bonding effect of the product, the PET high-temperature adhesive tape suitable for adhesion should be selected according to the surface roughness of the adherend.

     2, foreign bodies on the surface. There are dust, oil, water stains and other foreign matter on the surface of the adherend, which can make the PET high-temperature tape not work properly. Therefore, the surface of the adherend needs to be cleaned before use.

     3, adhesive pressure. When applying a PET high-temperature tape, the applied pressure directly affects the closeness of adhesion between the tape and the adherend.

     4, the use of the environment. It is well known that PET high-temperature tapes are suitable for use in high-temperature environments. If the temperature is too low, PET high-temperature tapes cannot be used properly.

     5, other reasons. If the product is out of date, the storage environment is not qualified, and the process parameters do not match.

     The above is the reason that PET high-temperature tapes cannot be used normally. When it is found that PET high-temperature tapes cannot be used normally, you can find out the causes and solve the problems according to the above situations.