What should pay special attention to the operation of the packing and packing line?

- Jun 21, 2018-

Why is it also the operation of packing belt production line, others will not appear such problems, which in the end is what happened? In fact, when we operated the strapping line, we did not operate it according to its proper specifications. Some friends did not perform pre-operational inspections on the strapping line in order to be able to operate quickly. This led to the production of problems. PET PP packaging Product description with production line

product description:

Accurate dosing and mixing of raw materials.

Preheat and dry automatic circulation.

Plasticizing extrusion is stable and temperature control is accurate.

Metering pumps ensure a continuous and stable product.

Large traction product stretching device and insulated oven.

Large capacity stainless steel sink with automatic liquid level control.

So how do we operate the strapping line? The following small series to explain to you.

1. Preparation

First, we must check whether the equipment and packaging tape are inserted correctly, and then check whether the power cord is damaged. Then check whether the moving parts are lubricated. We must also look at whether the packing tape production line is fixed and does not move. Finally we must prepare the outer packaging paper.

2. Operational specifications

The operator should have a basic understanding of the equipment structure, working principle, operating procedures, and adjustment methods. Before the operation, the power supply must be turned on. The packing belt production line should be warmed up for a few minutes. At the same time, the length of the packing belt must be adjusted. Of course, we must also listen to the inside of the machine. No noise, no smoke and other abnormal phenomena, According to the color box, manual thickness or customer requirements for each number of packaging, point to clearly the number of packaging, wrapped with wrapping paper, and then packaged with a strapping production line .

End of operation

After the operation of the packed production line, remember to cut off the power supply and close the switch to prevent leakage and cause electric shock.

4. Precautions

Another special reminder is that it is forbidden to put the hand into the packing tape, and it is forbidden to carry out dangerous operations such as disassembling the equipment when transporting it.