What is the use of invisible tape?

- Jul 18, 2018-

Invisible tape is a milky white product, not a transparent color that is literally understood. It is mainly used to repair paper after the surface of the paper is pierced. Its surface can also be written without much marks, and there is no shadow when copying. Scotch tape can't be written.


Invisible tape characteristics: its adhesive force is even and stable, and it does not leave residual glue and traces. It can be written on the surface of the tape, easily unwound, or can be torn by hand.

  It can be used for resin lens injection molding, print test, silk screen surface fastness test of printed circuit board, etc. It is also used for screen printing, pad printing, bronzing surface fastness test, can be used for painting, electric surface hardness test, production, Packaging positioning.


  Invisible tape is actually a kind of cultural office supplies. It can be placed for a long time, can also be moved, and does not cause any damage to the surface. The surface of the object can also be written with a pencil, a ballpoint pen, etc., without leaving traces during photocopying and faxing, and transparent when used. Invisible tape is the best way to repair, paste, connect, seal and protect documents.