What does the color of the ground warning tape mean?

- May 14, 2018-

Ground warning tapes are used more and more in the management of workshops, especially in companies that have implemented 5S activities.

The ground warning tape is divided into two colors: monochrome and monochrome.

Among them, the commonly used two-color: yellow black, red and white, green and white;


Warning tape factory production of commonly used monochrome: yellow, red, green, white.

So what do these colors mean?

Yellow and black two-color warning tape is mainly used in the workshop lane marking, reminding irrelevant personnel not to occupy the channel, do not easily enter the area outside the channel, yellow and black stripes mean that people pay special attention to the meaning.


        Red and white bi-color warning tapes are mainly applied to the lanes of workshops or firefighting facilities. Red and white stripes indicate that people are prohibited from entering dangerous environments, and they also remind them not to block fire-fighting facilities.

Green and white two-color warning tape is mainly used in the work area line, green and white stripes indicate a more eye-catching reminder people to warn people to do a good job in advance safety preparations.

Yellow warning tape, if it is about 5cm in width The main application of fixed non-moving items, such as shelves, equipment, etc., play the role of positioning, 10cm width is also used for lane marking.

White warning tape, mainly used in the positioning of moving objects, such as parking position forklift.topic-410969.jpg

The warning tape factory produces green warning tapes, which are mainly used in quality qualified areas to remind employees to timely and correctly handle these products or materials. They can also be used when the local area is white, and the positioning marks of moving objects or equipment.

Red warning tape, mainly used in areas of unqualified quality, reminds employees to handle these products or materials in a timely manner.