What are the classification of packing belt production line used by transparent balers?

- Jun 22, 2018-

The problem of the color of the baler belt, the baler with a different level is not easy to say. The transparent baler belt of the packing belt manufacturer is the best baler belt at present.

Pp packing belt production line classification:

1. Polypropylene raw material used in the production of packing line production line is transparent and granular, so the PP packing line production line can be classified as:

Transparent PP strap production line

Translucent PP strap production line

Color PP strap production line

Packing belt production line

2. According to the proportion of polypropylene used in production packing line production line, PP packing belt production line can be divided into:

New pure PP strapping production line

Pure material (recycled material) PP strapping production line

Ordinary sandwich PP strap production line

3. According to the purpose of use can be divided into

Automatic PP strapping production line

Semi-automatic PP strapping production line

Handmade PP strapping production line

Flexible PP strap production line

4 According to the machine used

Machine packing belt production line

Hand strap production line

Pp packing belt production line color types:

White, red, yellow, blue, black and other colors.

The use of pp packing belt production line:

Used for carton packing, used with automatic balers.

The quality of the baler belt depends entirely on the purity of the polypropylene. The higher the polypropylene purity, the better the strapping force of the baler belt. Judging the quality of PP baler belts has the following standards:

1. The baler belt should have good toughness, and the PP baler should be repeatedly folded, and the toughness is easy to break. With regard to pattern problems, the pattern must be beautiful and there should be no pressure deviation.

2, PP baler with a generally white (other colors to be bright) quality is better, because these are not easy to mix old material.

3, the baler belt should have gloss, such baler belt is generally all-material production. Pulling stability. The gloss of the baler with powder will be greatly reduced.

4, the width of the strapping machine, width error is generally plus or minus 0.3mm. Such a baler belt is evenly distributed in production, and the quality will be relatively uniform, and no good or bad situation will occur.

5、Some balers have a new material outside and the middle is filled with stuff (very poor). Just look at the section and you can see it.