Today's 50 micron jumbo tape market price is stable

- Sep 20, 2019-

Today's 50 micron jumbo tape market price is stable


Today 50 micron jumbo tape volume mainstream market price is stable, old customers negotiate a deal.Raw material respect: international crude oil price continues to fall, the market trades atmosphere to turn subsequently weak.This morning, Jumbo tape east China market price decline, real order negotiation;Butyl acrylate price stable, market wait-and-see atmosphere strong. Jumbo tape market wait-and-see atmosphere warming up, the real order rose weak, real order delivery volume has decreased, manufacturers mainly deliver pre-orders.

50 micron jumbo tape coil east China mainstream 10200 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day price is the same, 150 yuan/ton, compared with 1350 yuan/ton, shandong area 9900-10100 yuan/ton, north China area 9900-10400 yuan/ton;10000-10200 yuan/ton in northeast China;Fujian regional newspaper 10500-10700 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.50-0.52 yuan/square meter.

BOPP rubber tape master volume market transaction focus on negotiation, a single talk, shandong area 9800-9900 yuan/ton;9900-10200 yuan/ton in east China;9800-10000 yuan/ton in northeast China.Market low also exist, but need a lot of support.