Three tips for buying electrical tape

- Aug 07, 2018-

How to buy electrical tape? Electrical tape is widely used in daily life. Whether it is a wholesaler or an engineering company, or a home user, you can find out how to buy electrical tape. Generally speaking, you can judge the electrician from the following three points. The quality of the tape:


1. Appearance: Whether there is any flaws from the outside, whether the electrical insulation tape is re-rolled, whether it is cut or not, whether it is smooth or not. The smooth and smooth tape is of better quality and is more convenient to use.

2, tape material: look at the tape material (there are many types of electrical tape, not to mention the quality of the material judged, in most cases have to look at the use of the situation), in the purchase can consult professionals according to their own needs.

3, glue: look at the glue, now most of the glue has evolved into environmental protection, if the smell is pungent, it is more likely to be defective (not all tape). In addition, when the tape is pulled down, there is no anti-sticking. If the adhesive is peeled off after use, the quality of the tape is good. It should be noted that the PVC material used in electrical tape is basically the same, mainly looking at the glue. After the tape of poor quality is wrapped for a period of time, it can be untied. It can be seen that the glue and the PVC material are separated, which looks sticky and very sticky. Uncomfortable, and good quality tape will not have this problem.