The use of four special tapes

- Sep 07, 2017-

Pet double-sided Tape

Features: Sealing tape, transparent sealing tape, sealed box tapes, transparent sealing tape is good for base material; high surface energy plastic, metal sheet has high bonding strength, temperature resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance.

Application: Suitable for the isolation and bonding of the upper and lower lines of the membrane switch, and the high performance adhesive is very stable and suitable for the long term use of the key.

Aluminum foil Tape

Description: Aluminum foil tape is on the surface of the aluminum foil acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, one-sided sticky, through the silicone treatment of the isolation paper made, with a good anti-ultraviolet, partial chemicals, moisture, fire performance, mainly used in refrigeration, electronics-related industries.

Features: Bright silver, UV-resistant, fireproof, can prevent more chemical corrosion, outdoor applications, good weather resistance.

Use: can be used for heat and cold reflective insulation bandage, available in the pipeline, engine support, can be bandaged wire to prevent heat, waterproof, dust, etc., can also be used for outdoor operations.

PVC Protective Film Tape

Description: PVC Protective Film tape is a single-sided PVC film substrate coating, acrylic glue or adhesive adhesion performance is excellent, strong resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging performance, one-sided paste, no residual adhesive, good shielding performance, wear resistance and other solvents.

Application: Applicable to the surface protection of various metals, such as: "Aluminum, stainless steel, glass sandblasting process."

Electrician adhesive Tape

Description: Electrician adhesive tape is made of soft PVC film single-sided rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, with good insulation performance, high voltage, high temperature, high hysteresis, widely used in electrical components and wires of insulation protection, a wide range of applications in electronics, electrical industry.

Features: Strong contraction, easy to tear, easy to roll, high voltage resistance, high hysteresis, good weatherability.

Application: It can be used for the insulation protection of electric wire, air conditioner pipe