The use of bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in china

- Sep 04, 2019-

The use of bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in china

1, Bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in china can be used to control the amount of seasoning in the spoon of flour, salt, powder, etc., sometimes it is difficult to control the amount, is not too much, is not enough.However, if you put scotch tape on the top of the bottle and scoop it with a gentle scrape, it will be exactly one teaspoon.

2, Bopp jumbo roll manufacturer in china can be used to remove the hair on the hat hair this thing, every day, every day also have dropped, so, clothes ah, hat ah will stick on the hair, with the hand cleaning is not the usual difficulty.At this time, with transparent adhesive tape in the hand around a circle, and then to the clothes, hat to stick, clothes, hat on the hair easily stuck down.Similarly, use tape to remove hairballs from your sweater: take out a small piece of tape, wrap it upside down around your hand, and then tape it. 

3, transparent tape can be used to correct the wrong words written wrong, especially with a black pen to write the wrong words, it is difficult to wipe off with glue, accidentally have to wipe the paper.Transparent tape can solve this problem: tape the wrong word to the wrong word, and then gently pull, the wrong word will be pulled out.Scotch tape. It's a common stationery for students nowadays.However, the correction of the place can no longer write borrow words, wrong, tape does not help. 

4. Scotch tape can be used to make stickers.It's easy to use tape: print out your favorite pattern, stick a piece of transparent tape on it, then scrape the surface of the tape with a spoon, cut it out, soak it in water, and erase the paper. 

5. Scotch tape can clean fingerprints and stains on keyboards. One of the biggest problems with keyboards is that they tend to stick to fingerprints and stains.Don't worry, use tape to deal with it: tear off the scotch tape as needed, then stick it to the keyboard, then use your hand to button the keyboard, and finally tear off the scotch tape;Do this a few times and you can easily remove stains from the keyboard surface.Not only is the keyboard clean, but dust doesn't fly everywhere.Similarly, use sticky tape to remove dirt and impurities from newly purchased towels.6, transparent tape can be used to easily wear bracelet bracelet is little girls like to wear things, but because of its length of fixed, if you give yourself to wear it is not very convenient to operate for a long time.It's much easier to use tape to help: tape one side of the bracelet first, and then it can be easily attached. 

Usually when we take the needle or other things, is there any time that we can't take it up?Use tape: take out a small piece of tape and stick the needle or other small object so that it can be easily glued together. Also, wrap the needle so that it is convenient for us to take out the next time and not prick the child.