The type of packing tape

- May 16, 2018-

There are many kinds of tapes. According to different standards, the types of tapes are various. For example, according to the substrate, the tapes can be divided into BOPP tapes, cloth tapes, kraft tapes, masking tapes, fiber tapes, PVC tapes, PE foams. Cotton tape, etc.;

  If it is divided according to the scope of application, then it can be divided into warning tapes, carpet tapes, electrical tapes, protective film adhesives, wrapping film tapes, sealing tapes, module tapes, etc.; of course, can also be divided according to market penetration, such as ordinary tape , special tapes;


  According to the application of environmental temperature, can be divided into low temperature tape, room temperature tape, high temperature tape.

  For the same tape, if the molecular weight or molecular weight distribution is different, or the composition is different, the processing performance of the tape and the mechanical properties, physical and chemical properties, etc. after the film is made will be different. Printing tape manufacturers to explain to you what the impact of the base material on the tape!

  1. Polyethylene can be added to lubricants such as tape raw materials to improve the smoothness of the tape.

  2. In the preparation of polyethylene films, stabilizers must be added because they are prone to thermal decomposition.

  3, tape must have a reasonable formula composition, the tape raw material in the formula should have a suitable proportion. Adjusting the composition and proportions can change the properties of the tape.