The specifications and application of BOPP tape

- Aug 08, 2019-

The specifications and application of BOPP tape

 BOPP tape stored in the warehouse for use in the process of demand, the degree must be useful to avoid the sun and rain, in the use of stop and acid and base oil of organic solvent to touch, when making use of demand sticking to its packing tape clean drab, mainly from found 1 meter outside their equipment, at room temperature 15 and 40 ℃.

Bopp packing tape in the process of placing should be rolled, not folded, product use is best equipment and with beam cable smooth elevator, so in a certain extent can be useful to avoid damage to the edge, not unreasonable treatment, resulting in slack winding set.

Packaging tape of sealed semi-finished products, to a certain extent, has certain specifications and specific conditions, in the process of application can be useful in accordance with its application needs, to choose its reasonable type, the product shall not be different varieties, different specifications, strength, layer cloth tape connection (match) together.Packing tape is the best use of hot vulcanized rubber, in order to advance reliability, usefully adhere to high strength.

The diameter of master tape and transmission roller and minimum belt conveyor belt wheel shall meet the relevant regulations.Flexible packaging tape to adhere to the roller, roller, moderate tension.Sealing tape with baffle and cleaning equipment should be avoided on tape.

Sealing tape works well under the basic conditions that foreign substances can affect the pain of tape.Tension difference, even break.Sealing tape found in the use of packaging tape, tape early damage phenomenon, should be found out in time, repair, avoid adverse consequences.