The Pace Of Bopp China Ltd Market Procurement Slowed Down

- Sep 20, 2019-

The Pace Of Bopp China Ltd Market Procurement Slowed Down


Today's domestic Bopp China Ltd big stable small movement, individual high prices down, the firm transaction turned pale.Thick film east China mainstream 10500-10700 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day down 50 yuan/ton, 200 yuan/ton on the quarter, 1150 yuan/ton lower than the same period;North China 10500-10800 yuan/ton;South China 10600-10800 yuan/ton.The retail market price is stable, the thick light film does not include VAT, yiwu 9800-10000 yuan/ton, chaoshan 10000 yuan/ton, hebei 9900-10000 yuan/ton, henan 10100 yuan/ton;Tax included tongcheng 10900 yuan/ton, Qingdao 10800 yuan/ton.

Bopp China Ltd market trading cold, film factory before delivery orders.Transaction, north China 10300-10500 yuan/ton, east China 10300-10650 yuan/ton, south China 10300-10600 yuan/ton.The enterprise accumulates receives the order quantity to differ, much ten days half month, little 3 days five days.

Crude oil continues to fall, commodity market transactions today continue to be blocked.PP futures low open concussion noon rise again after the return, petrochemical factory stability, spot prices tend to yield, cost support is weak;Bopp China Ltd market users today slow down the pace of procurement, film factory, traders orders are flat performance, the New Deal is not much.Zhuochuang estimated that the recent domestic BOPP price slant high narrow tone, solid offer transaction focus on negotiation, local high price is loose risk, price fluctuation 10300-10700 yuan/ton.