The off-season of jumbo roll suppliers continues

- Sep 16, 2019-

The off-season of jumbo roll suppliers continues

This week jumbo roll suppliers price loose, negotiate a deal.Up to the close of 50 u roll suppliers price east China mainstream 9800-99000 yuan/ton, compared with last week's closing price cut 50 yuan/ton, 1600 yuan/ton lower than the previous year, shandong 9800 yuan/ton, north China 9800-10200 yuan/ton;9800-9900 yuan/ton in northeast China;Fujian area quoted 10300-10500 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.49-0.52 yuan/m2.During the week, the raw material of tape master roll, butyl acrylate, BOPP film quotation is stable, the actual single trading is light, the raw material to tape master roll support is flat;Pre-holiday replenishment stage, downstream users just need to buy, the market wait and see atmosphere rich.

This week roll suppliers price production enterprise price curve and last week zhuochuang forecast basically consistent, next week to see the mainstream price or stability.In terms of raw materials, the international oil price shock, do not exclude the risk of downward adjustment, affecting the market mentality of stocking;BOPP peak season slack phenomenon continues;The butyl acrylate factory is producing at a loss, the possibility of a big cut next week is low, the price is expected to fluctuate in a narrow range, the price is mainly stable, the raw material to tape master coil support is limited.Look next week, do not exclude qiu dong environmental air management to check tighten, attention is paid to upstream and downstream production dynamic, zhuo chuang anticipates price of tape master roll of near future temporarily stable run, individual manufacturer gives benefit to give inventory, price fluctuates 9700-9900 yuan/ton.