The magic of Transparent tape

- Apr 24, 2018-

BOPP packing tape is not unfamiliar to everyone, it has high tensile strength, non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection, light weight, low cost and other advantages, widely used in a variety of packaging, bonding, fixing and other purposes, is an indispensable packaging for industrial production Supplies.


  Because Scotch tape has a transparent beauty, superior adhesiveness, and an ultra-slim body shape, it is extremely convenient for us to carry it anywhere and anytime. It also has small functions that are easy to cut and cut, easy to operate, and it can give us many in daily life. Help to solve many "incurable diseases"

  BOPP packing tape is not an ordinary tape, it is a magic tape in our hands. Why do you say that? Follow our Foshan tape factory to look down!

  1. Use it to stick the broken hair that we had when we had a haircut on weekdays. The fine hair on the sticky body is excellent.

  2. Use it to repair the rolling marks of the blanket. The size and shape of the blanket will be determined by the rolling marks. Success will be achieved by cutting it. This is also excellent.

  3. Use it to solve the scratch on the graphics part of the pull gauge. We use a small piece of transparent adhesive tape on the pull gauge strip to reduce the friction of the groove pull gauge strip on the printed image and thus eliminate the scratches. There are no traces of bruises on printed images.

  So BOPP packing tape is a magic tape. Tearing without cracking, sticking and not falling. Its use is also many