The industry operation data analysis of bopp jumbo roll price

- Sep 12, 2019-

The industry operation data analysis of bopp jumbo roll price

 China bopp jumbo roll price market monthly closing report at a glance

Unit: yuan/ton

Variety rises on June 28 July 31 drop

Raw material: butyl acrylate 8150 8650 500

BOPP, 10300, 10500, 200

Finished master tape 9700 10000 300

This month bopp jumbo roll price market trends and zhuo chuang information slightly different forecasts, market prices after the weak shock.By the end of the month, 50 micron bopp jumbo roll price east China mainstream 9900-10100 yuan/ton, compared with the end of June closing price increased 300 yuan/ton, 950 yuan/ton lower than the same period;Shandong region 9,900-10,100 yuan/ton, north China region 10,000-10,500 yuan/ton;RMB 9,900-10,200 / ton in northeast China;The quotation in fujian is 10500-10600 yuan/ton.South China does not include VAT 0.49-0.52 yuan/m2.This month bopp jumbo roll price downstream market demand downturn, bopp jumbo roll price market prices mainly follow the fluctuations of raw materials.At the beginning of this month, the raw material BOPP and butyl acrylate tape master volume prices rose, led to tape master volume prices rebound at the bottom;Medium and late demand drag and raw material support weakened mother volume price in a weak shock state;Within months tape master roll manufacturers start stable, some manufacturers have inventory accumulation pressure.

2. Analysis of China bopp jumbo roll price industry operation data

Table 2 sampling survey and analysis of BOPP tape master roll industry operation data (July 2019)

Operating indicators in June and July compared with the previous year

The utilization rate is 49.58% 51.52% 1.94% to 3.66%

Gross margin -0.13% -0.02% 0.11% 0.80%

BA inventory (day) 4.75 5.49 0.74-2.98%

BOPP inventory (day) 5.19 5.66 0.47 0.56

Tape inventory (day) 5.51 5.72 0.21 0.78

According to zhuochuang's statistics, by the end of July 2019, China's BOPP adhesive tape master roll production capacity reached 3.309 million tons, equivalent to 277,900 tons per month.According to the above table, the production of bopp jumbo roll price in July 2019 is about 143,200 tons, which is 0.54 million tons higher than the previous month and 13,400 tons lower than the previous year.The average monthly price of bopp jumbo roll price is 9,928.26 yuan/ton, which is 48 yuan/ton higher than that of last month.

In terms of capacity utilization, in July, the starting level of bopp jumbo roll price in China decreased, and the operating rate of the manufacturers of bopp jumbo roll price was 51.52%, which increased by 1.94 percentage points month-on-month and decreased by 3.66 percentage points year-on-year.

3. View of tape master volume aftermarket

In general, August master tape market price has a small rebound is likely, the price of high range to wait and see;Raw material BOPP price may be first strong and then weak;Butyl acrylate supply changes are small, the market is currently no inventory pressure, manufacturers pull up the mentality of obvious, make up for the early losses, August prices may be stable in the pull up;According to zhuochuang understanding, now tape master roll downstream inventory is flat, no inventory pressure, in August or there is a warehouse filling operation, demand may be improved, but need to pay attention to the impact of autumn and winter air treatment time and scope.Zhuochuang expects that the market price of adhesive tape master roll in August will first be strong and then stable, paying close attention to the dynamics of raw materials and demand, and the price fluctuates by 9,900-10,500 yuan/ton.