The features introduction and selection of PET strap production line

- May 23, 2018-

PET strap equipment is deeply loved by people today. It has become a product that many people must use in the packing industry. We all know that no matter what kind of machine is used, it needs reasonable maintenance, because only this way In order to be more conducive to our work and improve the efficiency of life, we must pay attention to reasonable maintenance when using strapping equipment, perform a good inspection before use, and then perform another inspection on the machine after use. Doubtful problems should be promptly identified to facilitate better repair and maintenance.

2. Packing with excellent mechanical quality

    Packing belts are high-quality products used when packing, but for the merchants must pay attention to the selection of reliable packaging machinery manufacturers, packing machine with the emergence of our packaging life has become more relaxed, for some of the larger For the factory, this is the gospel. When it comes to packaging, the efficiency is directly improved. There is no need to worry about the speed of packing.

3.Technical features of PET plastic strip equipment

   PET plastic strip equipment is different from pp strapping equipment, and the dehumidifying and drying effect of the bottle flakes is very demanding. The ordinary vertical drying hopper cannot meet the requirements at all, and the dehumidifying and drying, crystallization thickening system can be used for PET plastic steel materials. Special desiccant drying and crystallization viscosifying to ensure that the produced PET plastic steel has the characteristics of large tensile strength and no cracking.