The difference between industrial stretch wrap and plastic wrap

- Sep 05, 2019-

The difference between industrial stretch wrap and plastic wrap

Some people on the problem of industrial stretch wrap is: industrial stretch wrap is a relatively poor quality of plastic film, plastic film is divided into PE and PVC two.PE is similar to plastic bags, materials and cheap, PVC bags look like a bright food.The kind of ordinary household PE film, supermarket package fresh fruit and vegetables are more than PVC.Like winding film is generally poor quality of PVC film, magazine too many may not apply bright and bright, can not be used in packaging food, take to do winding film.In fact, winding film, arenting ah, high tensile strength, lighting.However, can not be used for food packaging plastic wrap, Ming, food grade, can be packaged food, the strength of a little degree, plastic wrap is expensive.

Industrial stretch wrap, also known as elastic film, can be applied in the application of self-viscoelastic stretch wrap entanglement of the film itself, relying on the viscoelasticity of the film surface and the use of tension riba goods tightly wrapped, to reach the goal of maintaining goods.

Industrial stretch wrap can be used to transport packaging, such as large pallet wrap film packaging, containers, boxes of wrap film packaging, can also be used for a short interval transportation and sales packaging, such as daily necessities packaging, stainless steel pipe, plastic pipe, profile of wrap film packaging, plastic packaging board, floor, roll carpet wrap film packaging, etc.

According to the application method can be divided into machine with stretch winding film and hand stretch winding film, most of the stretch winding film is more transparent, most of the black machine with stretch film is suitable for comparison of precious products, not to be aroused attention can be ineffective and anti-theft.

Plastic wrap is a type of wrapping film, but because it does not require the same high self-adhesive energy as wrapping film, the use of polyisobutylene will be less, polyisobutylene is mainly used to increase the product flexibility and self-adhesive.

One of the winding film is a kind of plastic wrap film is commonly used by people to keep food fresh finished products, there are three kinds of plastic wrap in the market today, the first is polyethylene, this kind of material is mainly used for food packaging, such as fruits, vegetables and other half-products sold in supermarkets are mostly used this kind of material;The second is polyvinyl chloride, which can also be used in food packaging.The third is polyvinylidene chloride, mainly used for some cooked food packaging.Because the plasticizer used in PVC plastic film has carcinogenic effect, and the consumption cost of PVDC is too high, so most of the international plastic film is inclined to use PE as raw material.