The bopp jumbo roll market was limited in September

- Sep 16, 2019-

The bopp jumbo roll market was limited in September

Guide 】 in September this year, the bopp jumbo roll market broke the traditional concept of "Gold September", has entered September for a little half a month, the demand side has not yet shown the due state of the peak season, most of the terminal factories maintain just need to purchase, stock volume is affected by many factors, stock volume is limited.

Since the beginning of August, the construction starts have been reduced, while the prices in September have fallen instead of rising. From the comparison of fundamental data, the overall construction starts of tape master coil enterprises still remain low, and the price fluctuation range is limited.Zhuochuang statistics data show that the starting rate of adhesive tape master roll industry was 49.33% in August, 2.19 percentage points lower than the previous month and 6.49 percentage points lower than the previous year.In terms of the market price in September, the mainstream price of bopp jumbo rol in east China on September 11 closed at 9800-9900 yuan/ton, 100 yuan/ton lower than the previous month, and 1600 yuan/ton lower than the previous year

In terms of inventory, the main regions in east and south China still have large inventory pressure, abundant in stock, and reduced market presale;It has to be mentioned that the inventory in shandong region is particularly prominent. Air quality inspection in shandong region is still continuing in autumn and winter, and the construction of downstream is not stable temporarily. The inventory in shandong province in September is still about 51.77% higher than last year,when looking from the cost of the raw material of BOPP and butyl acrylate is still abundant supply, (note: late still need to focus on BOPP and butyl acrylate industry starts, do not rule out late have breakdown maintenance operation, affect supply affect the price of raw material) after the recent butyl acrylate price swings down, 9 month cumulative cut 250 yuan/ton, BOPP month cumulative rose 100 yuan/ton, cut 75 yuan/ton cost accumulation, cost is on the decline, but tape mother now market prices failed to make up for the loss, profit after is still losing money.

From the demand side, east China and south China market demand is still expected to continue to improve, the northern market is affected by autumn and winter air environment governance and other policies, incomplete procedures of downstream products enterprises have been in a continuous shutdown, the hebei area in the middle and late September products enterprises will face greater closure pressure.East and south China, the overall starting load of products enterprises can, the overall maintenance of on-demand procurement.

Looking forward to September, the international oil trend is expected to be short, and we should be alert to the risk of collapse;With National Day approaching, the peak shifting production intensity in some areas will be increased, and the supply and demand will be affected in the later stage.Macroscopical, cost and policy all have influence expectation, and the uncertainty is strong.From the perspective of fundamentals, the supply side is not obviously positive for the market, while the demand side has great uncertainty, the key factor of the market is the change of the demand side.Overall, zhuo chuang is expected, in September master tape market or difficult to protect "Gold September", the price fluctuation range is limited, zhuo chuang is expected to master tape price of the recent 9700-10500 yuan/ton.Note: BOPP and butyl acrylate are still needed.