The benefits of corporate custom printing and sealing tape

- Apr 04, 2018-

Printing tape is generally used for packaging and binding of various cartons when used, which is more conducive to the company's publicity, to a certain extent, can play a certain amount of advertising, the traditional type of printing tape color is transparent, beige, Yellow, red, green and other categories, but also according to different customer needs, can also be customized different types and styles of tape.


As the anti-stretching force of the printing tape is better, and the adhesiveness is strong and non-toxic and environmental protection, it is a low-cost tape type. Compared with other common types of tapes, the printing tapes have a strong adhesive property. The printed tapes made in a special way have high heat resistance, chemical resistance, ultraviolet rays and moisture resistance. Moreover, according to the base color of the packaging material, a special color printing tape can be customized so that the aesthetic appearance of the packaging items is not affected.


Printing tape has become the mainstream product in its packaging tape in the course of its use. After being printed on various words, designs, company names, promotional phrases, warnings and other words, it is used for packaging and sealing, which can be used to enhance the visibility of products and improve product awareness. Brand effect, printing rubber prices, suitable for a variety of restaurant design companies or e-commerce packaging logistics.


The printed tape material is made of BOPP film as a base material, and after a good text on the gravure printing, it is coated with a high-viscosity pressure-sensitive adhesive. After slitting and rewinding into a small volume of printing tape suitable for packaging of large enterprises. Printing tape should not be placed in a damp place.

Do not make the printing tape meandering or creeping. To maintain the drag roller, the vertical roller should be flexible and the tension should be moderate. When the conveyor is equipped with baffles and cleaning equipment, the wear of the tape should be avoided. The tape should be placed in a roll. Do not fold, store it too long should be turned once every quarter.