The advantages of insulation tape

- Apr 27, 2018-

The tape industry is developing more and more rapidly. Various types of tapes are used, and the types of tapes are getting more and more. Now let's take a look at our Foshan tape factory to find out about the advantages of insulating tapes!


For example, if you use ordinary tape directly in your life, there are many disadvantages: the common tape is easy to dislocate for a long time, open the plastic; when the electrical load is heavy, the joint heats up, the ordinary tape is easy to melt and contract; the power connector squeezes each other in the terminal box. When the joint has a burr, it is easy to get rid of ordinary tape.

  These hidden dangers will directly jeopardize personal safety, causing short circuit and fire. The use of insulating black tape will not appear the above situation, it has a certain degree of strength, flexibility, can be tightly wrapped in the joints for a long time, affected by the time and temperature and solid shape, will not fall off, and flame-retardant. Furthermore, wrapping the plastic tape with an insulating black tape can prevent moisture and rust.

  Of course, the insulating self-adhesive tape is also defective. Although it has good waterproof performance but is easy to break, it is necessary to wrap 2 layers of plastic tape as a protective layer, and the self-adhesive tapes of the joints and joints are not sticky to each other, and the performance is better.