Tape jumbo coil raw material up

- Nov 22, 2019-

Tape jumbo coil raw material up

Today, domestic tape jumbo continued to smooth, the volume of the firm deal can be discussed.Thick light film east China mainstream 10100-10400 yuan/ton, compared to the upper - trading day is flat, lower than 50 yuan/ton, lower than 1050 yuan/ton;North China 1 0200-10400 yuan/ton;South China 10200-10500 yuan/ton.The retail market price is weak, the thick light film does not include VAT, yiwu 9600-9800 yuan/ton, chaoshan 9600-9700 yuan/ton, hebei 9700-9900 yuan/ton, henan 9700 yuan/ton;Tax inclusive tongcheng 10900-11,000 yuan/ton, Qingdao 10800 yuan/ton.

According to zhuochuang's understanding, most orders received by BOPP enterprises are more than one week, some of them can be as long as half a month or a month, and some of them can be as long as 5 days or less, and the overall order quantity is ok.Clinch a deal to look, north China 9,900-10200 yuan/ton, east China 9,900-10300 yuan/ton, south China 9,900-10400 yuan/ton.9500-9800 yuan/ton of low-priced goods there is a transaction condition.

International oil prices rebounded strongly, but gave the market a limited boost.PP futures shock operation, although red but give the spot market not enough boost, petrochemical inventory digestion slowed down part of the factory is still down, spot prices are weak sorting, cost to BOPP support is still weak;BOPP market users maintain the rigid need to purchase, the film factory orders more delivery atmosphere.Zhuochuang estimated that the recent domestic BOPP price stable small movement, the firm deal focus on negotiation, price fluctuations 9,900-10400 yuan/ton.