Tape Factory teach you how to remove adhesive tape

- Sep 07, 2017-

1, we can use oil painting of the wash pen liquid, that is, turpentine to remove Scotch tape. With a paper towel on the brush to wipe the plastic parts can be removed, general art supplies retail stores can be bought.

2, there is an old way is to use the new tape to glue the old tape down, is the crystal ball we played as a child.

3, the use of gasoline and banana water to remove Scotch Tape can also be used, but be careful when using petrol is a dangerous thing.

4, the use of expired skin care products to remove Scotch tape is also a good way.

5, it is said that the use of soap and a little ammonia and turpentine mixed liquid can also remove the adhesive tape, this method has no practice, we have time to try.

6, the letter sodium water, paint thinner also have to remove the adhesive tape of the effect.

7, the use of electric fans will be the glue blowing heat, until the tape soft can be scraped off the glue.

8, washing a water is also to remove the adhesive tape of a method, require careful, slowly wipe.

9, a small amount of rubber can be used to wipe the eraser, just started to become black, then the glue will slowly drop.

10, Balm, cleaning agent, decontamination cream and so on have to remove the adhesive tape of the effect.

11, if it is a solid and convenient object can use blisters, and then put a little detergent, after a while the old toothbrush can also brush off the adhesive tape.

12, alcohol also has to remove the role of adhesive tape, with a cloth dipped in alcohol to the place where the glue to wipe.

13, the most common method is to use rubber eraser adhesive tape. But at the beginning of time there will be black things feel more dirty, but rub a little longer after the gum will slowly drop.