Structural elements of tape

- Sep 07, 2017-

①, Adhesives

Acrylic acid (Acrylic)

Acrylic gum can work continuously at temperatures of 40 to +180 degrees, with solvent resistance, anti-aging and weather resistance. It has strong adhesion to polar substrates such as: PET, PC, metal, glass, etc.

Natural Rubber (Natural Rubber)

The natural rubber adhesive is suitable for the high adhesion shearing performance, it can work continuously in 29 degrees to +160 degrees, its processing mixing can reach its wide bonding range, and the relative temperature resistance and weathering performance is poor.

Silica Gel (Silicone)

Silica gel is used in extremely harsh environments, the applicable temperature range-73 degrees to +265 degrees of continuous work. It in the resistance to chemical, solvent, can maintain a certain conductivity, and in a variety of environment after the removal of the remaining glue.

Thermo-Solid Organic Rubber (thermosetting Rubber)

Heat-solid organic rubber is hardened when heated and subsequent temperature changes do not change the hardening viscosity. It can increase the adhesion strength and improve the solvent resistance of other rubber blends. Improve thermal stability and other characteristics.

②, base material

Polyester Film (PET)

Polyester film has excellent dimensional stability, Gaola, resistant to tearing and impact, the film also has oil, grease, strong acid and organic solvents, long time in-73 degrees to +170 degrees long time to work, and maintain dielectric strength of the dielectric constant, its application in the transformer and capacitor manufacturing winding bandaging, printed circuit board manufacturing, Splicing with composite bonding protection and low-cost shielding.