Six points to note when using clear stretch wrap

- Sep 10, 2019-

Six points to note when using clear stretch wrap

For the correct use of clear stretch wrap is very important, some users do not use clear stretch wrap correctly, will waste a lot of clear stretch wrap, which not only can not save costs, but also affect the work efficiency, the following Foshan Opalus clear stretch wrap manufacturers to explain the use of clear stretch wrap six points to note:

1. Rough edges of stretch film will cause the customer to break at the first pull when using it. Please pay attention to the maintenance of edges during packing, so as not to collide with each other and cause quality problems.

2. If the stretching film is cut neatly and unevenly, it cannot be shipped as waste products. Both ends must be rolled neatly when making goods.

3. Try to reduce the outer folds at both ends of the stretch film and the red compressed lines in the middle, which will seriously affect the aesthetics.

4, stretch film can not be long and short at the same time, the white space on both sides is about 1 cm, the paper tube must be aligned.

5. The die head of the stretching film production equipment shall be washed clean, free of black impurities, and no burnt plastic shall fall in. If it can be found by the naked eye, it shall be cleaned immediately.

6. In the process of transportation, it is better to fix the stretch film, do not let it roll, and reduce the damage in the process of transportation.