Production process of sealing tape

- Mar 26, 2018-

Sealing tape requires very strict requirements for each step. It can produce qualified tape. If there is a link problem, it will directly affect the quality of the tape.

The following is the entire production process of the tape: The tape is mainly based on paper, cloth, and film. The raw material is acrylic acid. After the raw material is emulsified in the emulsifying tank, the raw materials are reacted in the reaction pot to perform the reaction. After the above steps, the finished product has a glue (pressure-sensitive adhesive). At the same time, the transparent tape and the printing tape have two production steps:

1. Printed adhesive tape According to the customer's drawing specifications, a printed copper plate is produced, and then a BOPP printing machine is used for color printing.

2: Scotch tape The coating machine is used for film gluing. By this step, the mother roll semi-finished product is made. Then according to the customer's specifications for stripping, pipe cutting, packaging, this is the entire production process of sealing tape.

Features: High-strength sealing tape, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, low cost, applicable to all kinds of carton sealing, and can be fully packaged with the brake packaging machine.