Price analysis of packing tape jumbo roll today

- Sep 20, 2019-

Price analysis of packing tape jumbo roll today

Today's packing tape jumbo roll market price stability, volume negotiations.50 micron tape master coil east China mainstream 10200 yuan/ton, compared with the previous trading day price is the same, 150 yuan/ton, compared with 1350 yuan/ton, shandong area 9900-10100 yuan/ton, north China area 9900-10400 yuan/ton;10000-10200 yuan/ton in northeast China;Fujian regional newspaper 10500-10700 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.50-0.52 yuan/square meter.

Packing tape jumbo roll market transaction focus on negotiation, a single talk, shandong area 9700-9900 yuan/ton;9800-10100 yuan/ton in east China;9800-9900 yuan/ton in northeast China.Market low also exist, but need a lot of support.

Raw materials: international crude oil price shocks mainly, raw materials market trading atmosphere weakened.This morning BOPP east China market price cut, high transaction blocked;Butyl acrylate production enterprises loss pressure, the market profit space is limited.Tape master volume reality single price high volume small, now receive more orders at the low end of the main, but the early high price is still in production, the price is stable.Zhuochuang is expected to be stable in the near future of the price of master tape, do not rule out the possibility of high price reduction in the later stage, negotiate transaction price fluctuations of 9800-10200 yuan/ton, order atmosphere.