Precautions for storing sealing tape

- Mar 29, 2018-

Storaging and sealing tapes are needed for both sealing tape manufacturers and consumers. Sealing tape manufacturers store products in warehouses to meet consumers' needs. Consumers are not required to store the sealing tapes they purchase. They also need to be stored. To the warehouse. The sealing tape is flammable, so it is necessary to increase the awareness of fire when storing the sealing tape:


    1. Storehouses that store sealed tapes should be kept ventilated. When the glue aerosol that is volatilized from the tape reaches a certain proportion of air, it will burn violently when it encounters the fire.

    Second, the warehouse should be equipped with normal standard fire equipment, and be extinguished in time when a fire occurs. Ensure that the location of the fire hoses is not more than 50 meters from the tape storage location and is long enough to ensure adequate water pressure and water flow.

    3. It is forbidden to stack packing tapes at safe exits. They should be neatly stacked in warehouses, and there should be enough space in each row to prevent water from spilling when a fire breaks out. This prevents internal combustion from controlling the fire. Also, be careful not to dampen or ventilate the tape where it is stored so that the performance of the tape can be guaranteed.

    Fourth, the plaintext prohibits smoking and other sources that may cause disaster. It is advisable to post posters such as no-smoking bans, and if necessary, write this clause in the employee handbook.

    Fifth, the use of automatic tape sealing machine should adjust the speed of the tape machine to avoid rapid friction caused by fire.

    Fires not only cause serious economic losses, but also pose a threat to personal safety. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the awareness of fire prevention when storing sealing tapes, and to minimize the probability of occurrence of fires.