PET strapping production line manufacturers use the baler

- Jul 04, 2018-

The care of the PET baling belt production line manufacturer baler is as follows:

(1) Remove the debris or dirt from the baler once a week.

(2) Once a month, the smoothing and maintenance of the upper skateboard and the middle knife and the front top knife will be smoothed once.

(3) Once every three months, in addition to the above two maintenance, then add a smooth oil to everything (shaft, heart) and bearings.

(4) Replenish the oil in the gearbox of the reducer every two years.

(5) It should be noted that several parts can not be refueled: a. b everything belt. c slide the slide and around.

(6) Do not add too much each time you refuel, so as to avoid micro-switches from getting rid of oil.


The reason why the baler does not automatically break the strap, we solve it for you!

Since the retracting roller has the function of tightening the belt, when the gap between the advancing and retracting belt is adjusted, the retracting roller should be mainly used, and the gap of the retracting roller is adjusted to be 0.05 to 0.1 mm more than the thickness of the belt.

The baler does not automatically feed the belt

1. The potentiometer of the belt length control is at the zero position.

The belt length control potentiometer is on the left side of the front panel switch card from the left. Adjusting clockwise, the length of the tape is longer and vice versa; if it is at zero, the tape is not.

2. Wearing the belt is not correct.

Open the right door, follow the instructions of the “Pull-to-wear process” or the wearing belt diagram, and wear the belt correctly.

3. There are foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions.

The packaging machine has been used for a long time, and it has not been cleaned and maintained in time. As a result, there is a waste in the machine, which makes the feeding belt not smooth and can be cleaned and maintained.

4. The belt pulley gap is incorrect.

The size of the gap between the pair of semi-automatic balers and the belt rollers is critical to the normal belt feeding. The adjustment of the gap is in accordance with the instructions. Carefully adjusted, adjust to the belt roller gap only 0.05 more than the thickness of the belt

When you are in mm.

5. The selected PP tape is too thick or too thin.

Because there are many manufacturers of PP packing belts, the thickness is also inconsistent, should be selected according to requirements; if it is impossible, please carefully adjust the gap between the feeding and unloading rollers according to the instructions.

6. The electromagnet is not working properly.

The electromagnet does not work. First check if the electromagnet wire bonding head is off, and then check if the coil is burnt out. If there is no abnormality in both, check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by the dirt, so that the bullet can not move freely.