Packing belt production line highlights after the upgrade to create a PET plastic strapping industry

- May 31, 2018-

When OPALUS Upgraded Packing Line Advantages Highlights: First in PET Plastic Packing Belt Industry

Efficient: The output is large, which is 2 times the output of peers of the same type and the same type, the labor cost is reduced by 50%, and the profit is increased by 100%;


Energy-saving: Adopt unique reciprocating heating technology, saving 50% energy compared with peers in the same grade and equipment;

Equipment stability: The whole machine runs stably, does not affect the production quality, and realizes that relying on machines does not rely on people to guarantee quality;

Equipment noise: 20% reduction in noise level compared with peers in the same category;

Degree of automation: The PLC man-machine interface can be configured to realize the automation of operations, and the process control reduces the requirement for personnel quality to facilitate recruitment;

Practicality of equipment: As China's industry is more and more developed, people's lives are getting richer, and consumer demand is increasing. The demand for packing belts is increasing year by year at a growth rate of 15%, and the market has broad prospects;

Appearance of the device: According to ergonomics, humanized design of equipment, easy to operate to avoid aesthetic fatigue caused by unsafe factors.

Optional flexibility: flexible matching: optional PLC control, monochrome printing machine, two-color printing machine, automatic feeding machine, electromagnetic heating, inverter control, ordinary powder (broken) broken machine, iron removal powder (broken ) Crusher, feeder, color mixing machine, dryer, iron remover, electric veneer (double plate) screen changer, hydraulic single column (double column) screen changer, etc.;

Outstanding cost performance: This machine is designed for packaging belts to reduce the use of the cost of the customer to design, the production of the strap width is conventional in the 8-15.5mm, the thickness of 0.6-0.8mm, cost-effective production width in particular 12mm, thickness of 0.6mm lightweight packaging The belt is the biggest feature of this machine. If you want to produce a normal width, thickness of the packing belt, then it is the best choice to choose the enhanced packing belt machine. The packing belt produced by this machine will generally increase the length of the packing belt produced by the thin packing belt machine by 20%. The length directly reduces the material cost by 20%, and the production package customers increase the profit of less-used materials by 20% per ton.

PET plastic strip is a necessity for the packaging industry. If it is not handled properly, problems will arise. That is, when the object is packaged, it often encounters the problem that the joint is easily broken. What causes it?

The temperature of the baler is not suitable. Sometimes it is about 400 degrees in the summer in the south and 500 degrees in the north in the winter. The packer's hot head is dirty and the packer's hot head is deflected. These causes will cause the strap connector to break.

There is another reason that can also lead to breakage, that is, if there is misalignment at the strap joint, direct sticking can also lead to breakage.

The other is to buy plastic steel belt must buy good quality products, poor product quality can also lead to fracture.

The above is the cause of the breakage of the joint at the time of packaging PET plastic steel belts, so we must pay attention to the above issues when packing.

In addition to the quality of PET plastic strapping depends on his material selection, the most important point is his production process, if there is an error in production, it will greatly reduce the quality of PET plastic strapping itself, then the key to the production of PET plastic strapping What is the process? The main method is film extrusion. The aspect ratio of the film extruder should be at least 24:1 with sufficient horsepower. The standard three-roll sheet casting unit is used to produce light touch films. The film can be cast directly on the chill roll without rolling. PET extrusion molding requires selection of the lowest possible extrusion raw material temperature. Excessively extruded raw material temperatures can lead to molecular decomposition. The scale on the chill roll is minimized to ensure good film flatness. Therefore, the chill roll temperature should be just below the temperature at which the sticking phenomenon begins to occur and no excessive fluctuations will occur.