Notes on the preservation of printing tape

- Sep 07, 2017-

The type of tape, specifications according to the use needs and specific conditions, reasonable selection. The tape should be deposited in the storeroom to avoid the sun and rain, the contact with the organic solvents of acid-base oil is forbidden, the cleaning and drying is kept, and the room temperature is -15℃~40℃ between the 1m and the discovery device.

Do not make the tape snake or creep, to keep the roller, vertical roller flexible, tensioning force to moderate. When the conveyor is fitted with a baffle and a cleaning device, the wear of the adhesive tape should be avoided. The tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be rotated once every quarter.

Some of the tape handling conveyor belts are best used by cranes, and with a smooth lifting of the crossbeam's rigging, avoid damage to the side, do not arbitrarily loading and unloading, causing loose roll sleeve. No different varieties, different specification models, strength, cloth layer of the tape connection (with the group) used together. Conveyor belt joint preferably hot vulcanization adhesive, to improve reliability, Maintain a high effective strength.