Non-standard operation of PP strapping line consequences

- May 17, 2018-

Some employees ignore the pre-operational inspection of PP strapping production lines in pursuit of the efficiency of work. As a result, a series of problems such as looseness, leakage, and even damage of the tape production line appeared. After the operation of the PP strapping line is completed, remember to cut off the power and turn off the switch to prevent leakage and cause electric shock.


  In the process of PP strapping production line, we also need to pay attention to these issues.

1. Pay attention to the control of the temperature of the barrel of the packing belt production line. The temperature of the feeding section to the homogenization section should be gradually increased, and the temperature of the mold should be equal to or slightly lower than the maximum temperature of the packing barrel mechanical barrel.


2. When raw material is extruded and plasticized, the perforated plate and the filter mesh shall be added before the machine is simplified. The mesh number and the number of layers of the mesh shall be determined according to the working conditions of the raw materials and the belt.

3, PP belt strap production line should be perpendicular to the water into the sink. If the strip is wider, the distance from the mold to the liquid surface is increased or the speed of the traction stretch roller is increased. If the width dimension of the strip is insufficient, the distance between the mold and the liquid surface should be reduced or the traction stretch roll should be properly reduced. speed. If necessary, the amount of melt extrusion can also be changed by adjusting the screw speed so that the belt width can be adjusted.

  Why is it also the operation of PP strapping production line, others will not appear such problems, which in the end is what happened? In fact, when we operated the strapping line, we did not operate it according to its own specifications. Some friends did not perform pre-operational inspections on the strapping line in order to be able to operate quickly. As a result, the problem was caused. How to operate the strap production line? The following small series to explain to you.

1. Before starting the PP strapping production line. First of all, check whether the equipment and packing belts are interspersed correctly. Secondly, check whether the power wires are damaged. Then check whether the moving parts are lubricated. Finally, check whether the packing belt production line is fixed and does not move.

2. The operator of the PP strapping line needs to be clear about the operation flow. The operator of the strapping line shall have a basic understanding of the structure, working principle, operation procedures and adjustment methods of the strapping mechanical equipment. Before the operation, the power supply shall be turned on. The strapping machine shall be warmed up for a few minutes, and the strapping length must be adjusted. Of course, Listen to the packing line for noise.

  1. Preparation

    First, we must check whether the equipment and packaging tape are inserted correctly, and then check whether the power cord is damaged. Then check whether the moving parts are lubricated. We must also look at whether the packing tape production line is fixed and does not move. Finally we must prepare the outer packaging paper.

  2. Operational specifications

    The operator should have a basic understanding of the equipment structure, working principle, operating procedures, and adjustment methods. Before the operation, the power supply must be turned on. The packing belt production line should be warmed up for a few minutes. At the same time, the length of the packing belt must be adjusted. Of course, we must also listen to the inside of the machine. No noise, no smoking, and other abnormal phenomena. Pack according to the thickness of the color box, the instruction manual or the number of customer requirements for each bar. After clearly identifying the quantity to be packaged, wrap it with the outer wrapper and package it with the strapping production line. .

  End of operation

  After the operation of the packed production line, remember to cut off the power supply and close the switch to prevent leakage and cause electric shock.

  4. Precautions

   Another special reminder is that it is forbidden to put the hand into the packing tape, and it is forbidden to carry out dangerous operations such as disassembling the equipment when transporting it.

PP strap production line has the following features:

(1) High output: The main unit is two out of two, 24 hours 2500-3500kg;

(2)Complete specifications: Machine width, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, length, width, length, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, width, length Lightweight packaging can be produced;

(3) high intelligence: automatic suction, no need to bake, embossing synchronization, clear printing;

(4)Environmental protection and energy conservation: The filler is granular material, the product can stand the SGS agency EU RoHS environmental test, the workshop is clean, the dust is less, the electricity consumption is about 35 degrees per hour, the cooling water can be recycled;

(5) Saving labor: 3 people 2 shifts 24 hours production;

(6) Operation is quick: change the mold for 5 minutes, change the net for 10 minutes, and pull the tape to the finished product for 30 minutes;

(7) Quality stability: width and thickness uniformity, small skewness, widely used in automatic, semi-automatic, manual and other types of balers;

(8) Sufficient raw materials: Adaptable from PP fillers and new materials.

The main raw materials: PET bottles, PET pellets There are many models, such as one out of one, one out of two, one out of four and so on. Flexible production equipment: Clean Dryer 1 single screw extruder 1 set of die and screen changer 1 set of constant temperature casting sink 1 set of first preheater 1 set of first stretcher 1 set of hot air stretch box 1 Taiwan second stretch box 1 embossing machine 1 tightly heated thermoforming box 1 set of 3 traction machines 1 cooling cradle 1 set of 4 traction machines 1 rewinder 1 Scope of application: Widely used in steel, Aluminium, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, paper, metal cans and other industries Performance characteristics: strong tensile strength: both steel strip-like tensile strength, but also can resist the impact of the ductility, but also to ensure that your product Transportation safety. Low elongation: The elongation is only one-sixth that of the polypropylene (PP) tape and can maintain the tension for a long time. High temperature resistance: The melting point is 260 degrees, and the deformation is not used under 120 degrees. Good flexibility: without the sharp edges of the steel belt, it is safe to operate and neither hurts nor damages the tied objects. Beautiful and no rust: no steel belt rust pollution caused by the bundled objects, bright color Kam.