Market inquiry for bopp packing tape jumbo rolls is good

- Nov 22, 2019-

Market inquiry for bopp packing tape jumbo rolls is good

The price of bopp packing tape jumbo rolls is stable this week.Up to the closing of 50 mic bopp packing tape jumbo rolls east China mainstream 9600-9700 yuan/ton, compared with last week's closing price, the same, 1700 yuan/ton lower than the same, shandong area 9700 yuan/ton, north China 9700-9900 yuan/ton;9600-9800 yuan/ton in northeast China;Quotation in fujian area: 10200-10600 yuan/ton;South China does not include VAT 0.48-0.51 yuan/square meter.The price of BOPP was stable this week, while the price of butyl acrylate rose due to the decrease of supply in the market.Cost has strengthened support for the tape master roll, but affected by the off-season atmosphere of demand, the market inquiry atmosphere of tape master roll has improved temporarily, but the market trading is still dominated by rigid demand.The quotation of tape master roll is stable this week, and the price of real order is stable after rising.

This week, the price curve of the transparent tape jumbo roll manufacturer is different from the forecast of zhuochuang last week.Look next week near the end of the month, transparent tape jumbo roll price or stable finishing.Raw materials crude oil prices next week is expected to fluctuate in a narrow range, poor market guidance;PP spot supply is abundant, the price is expected to be stable in the loose, BOPP temporary order support, the price is expected to be stable;Butyl acrylate short - term supply reduction, although the market buying enthusiasm is general, but manufacturers stand price attitude is obvious, high price is expected to sort.The cost of the tape master support is still in place, tape master manufacturer order is ok, just need to take goods downstream.Zhuochuang expects that the price of the transparent tape jumbo roll will be stable and wait-and-see next week, and the price will fluctuate 9300-9700 yuan/ton after the delivery of the actual order.