Little common sense of tape

- Sep 07, 2017-

One, what is tape: refers to any can be affixed, the use of a certain way: such as pressure, heating and other ways to paste the Ribbon film called Tape.

Two, the tape is good or bad: the quality of the tape is not a certain standard, where the tape is in line with the customer's needs.

Third, the quality of tape: the quality of the tape is maintained in a certain size, its quality is not only good.

IV. Classification of tapes:

1, according to the structure: such as single-sided tape, double-sided tape, etc.

2, according to the rubber system: such as acrylic tape, rubber tape, silicone tape, etc.

3, according to species: such as industrial tape, electronic tape, medical tape, etc.

Five, the composition of the tape:

1, base material: such as paper, cloth, film, etc.;

2, support body: such as off-form paper, off-form film;

3, adhesion agent: such as acrylic adhesive agent, rubber adhesive;

Note: Substrate and support physical properties of the test focus on the basis of weight, thickness, tensile strength, elongation, the shape of the force; the focus of the adhesive property testing is the viscosity of each solid component.

Six, the physical nature of the tape detection has coating volume, coating thickness, adhesion, maintain force, from the back adhesion, pull force, initial adhesion, weather resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, conductivity, flame resistance and so on.