How to use masking tape?

- Apr 20, 2018-

How to use masking tape? First you have to understand what is a masking tape.


Masking tape is a roll of adhesive tape made of textured paper and pressure sensitive adhesive, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on the masking paper, and coated with anti-sticking material on the other side. With high temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, high adhesion, soft affixed and re-tear without leaving adhesive residue. The industry is generally known as masking paper pressure sensitive adhesive tape.

Seeing here, is it suddenly felt that the masking tape has a very high feeling? Let's talk about the use of masking tape.


Masking tape usage: Masking tape is suitable for automotive, iron or plastic device furniture surface high temperature paint spray protection, but also applies to electronic \ electrical \ varistor /circuit board and other industries. When in use, only need to cover the part that needs to be covered with masking tape, stick it out after use, it is very simple and convenient.