How to use insulating tape

- Jul 18, 2018-

The substrate of the insulating tape is generally made of cotton cloth, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film. The rubber layer is made of a rubber and a tackifying resin and the like, and has good adhesion and excellent insulation performance.

  In the process of using electricity, people noticed that the cross-sectional area of the power cord material has an impact on the safe use of electrical, but often the insulation tape used for the joint is not taken seriously. Today Foshan sealing tape production shares the use of insulating tape with you.

  The laying of power lines is becoming more and more complicated, walking under wooden floors, in walls, in partitions, and in wet underground or water. If the insulation tape is used improperly, electric leakage will occur, endangering personal safety.

  Therefore, we must use the insulating tape correctly. The power cord connector is divided into "+" word connection, "-" word connection method, and "T" word connection method. The joint should be tightly wrapped, smooth and burr-free. Otherwise, before the wire head is disconnected, it should be lightly pressed with a wire cutter, then wound around the pressure port, and then swinged left and right, the thread will be disconnected at the joint.

  If the joint is in a dry place, first wrap 2 layers with insulating black tape, then wrap 2 layers of plastic tape, then stretch about 200% with insulating self-adhesive tape, wrap 2~3 layers, and finally wrap 2 layers of plastic tape.