How to solve the problem of masking tape warping?

- Aug 09, 2019-

How to solve the problem of masking tape warping?


Masking tape is widely used in our daily life and in all walks of life. However, there is a problem with masking tape wholesale, which is that its edges will become crooked after being used for a long time, making its viscosity much weaker.It takes a long time for a good quality paper to become warped, and a few hours for a poor quality paper to become warped.

According to many years of experience, masking tape warping reasons are as follows:

1. The viscosity of the glue is too weak, which may be due to the poor quality of the glue used in production, or the glue has been placed for too long, and the viscosity is reduced. It is suggested to buy from the regular manufacturer. 

2. After attaching the surface of the object, the applied pressure is not enough. The solution is simple.  

3. The surface flatness of objects is not high. Different objects have different surface flatness due to their different materials and shapes, which leads to easy warping.