How To Separate High-temperature Masking Tape And General Masking Tape?

- Apr 02, 2018-

High-temperature masking tape, as its name implies, is a masking tape that can be used in high temperature environment. It is a kind of special tape with more use. Generally, the heat-resisting temperature can reach 120°C-180°C, and some temperature resistance can reach 260°C. Above °C, it is usually used for fixing and masking of automotive paints, baking paints, leather processing, coating covers and electronic parts manufacturing, printed circuit boards and other high-temperature places.


This high-temperature masking tape is made of special substrates and glues. The production process is more complex than ordinary masking tapes. Therefore, the production cost is much higher than that of regular textured papers. Therefore, some unscrupulous manufacturers have used ordinary substrates or glue to replace the substrate or glue used to make high-temperature textured paper, so as to achieve the purpose of saving production costs. This greatly reduces the temperature resistance of the product, because the appearance of the two masking tape does not have any difference, so consumers are very difficult to detect.

High-temperature textured paper

In order to avoid this situation, the new era glues to introduce a simple method of identification - just put the side of the masking tape on the lighter in a lighter and bake it for 3 to 5 seconds before touching it. Look, if it is an ordinary masking tape, there will be adhesive glue to the hand, high-temperature masking tape will not happen. However, pay attention to safety when identifying.