How to remove the glue of packing tape

- Jul 16, 2018-

How to remove the glue of the transparent tape? This problem has been plaguing everyone, especially since the summer is over. Many people have bought new refrigerators, electric fans, air conditioners, etc. Many merchants will put stickers on them. At this time, how to remove the glue of the transparent tape? ? China Tape Network introduces ten ways to remove tape marks:

1. Turpentine: It is the washing liquid used for painting. We can use a paper towel to apply some washing liquid to wipe the place where there is offset printing, and it can be removed after a while.

2, new and old transparent adhesive paste: This is the principle of using old transparent tape to glue the old transparent tape, this method is often very practical.

3, Eraser: This is the most common and the simplest method that everyone can think of. Of course, it will become very dark when you start using the eraser. You don't have to mind this, because when the scotch tape is glued down, It will turn white.

4, expired skin care products: because it contains chemicals, these are very useful for removing the adhesive tape.

5. The mixture of soap and ammonia and turpentine is also very effective.

6, letter sodium water, paint thinner can remove the glue of the transparent tape.

7, hair dryer: This method is also commonly used, using the principle of heating the glue to make it easier to fall off.

8, nail polish can also remove the offset printing of scotch tape.