How to distinguish the quality of printing tape?

- Apr 24, 2018-

With the improvement of people's lives, sealing tape has been integrated into people's lives, and market competition is fierce. How can we choose a good sealing tape in this large number of sealing tapes?QQ图片20180326163725.png

  1. Smell, if the taste is very strong, there is a sour smell, this tape's retention is very poor

  2. Look at the brightness of the film, the color of the bad tape will be dark

  3. The softness of the hand-feel film, the choice of film for the good tape is relatively soft

  In fact, the printing tape is also similar to other sealing tapes to distinguish the quality, but there is still a difference.

  The printing tape is produced in the BOPP original film, and its production process does not need to say much. The way to discern the quality of the printing tape is so simple. The Foshan tape factory tells you! We can identify the good or bad of printing tape by the following standards:

  1. First look at the initial tack of the printing tape, the initial tack is very important, the initial tack directly affects the use of the printing tape.

  2. The stickiness of the printing tape is to see the sticky time of the printing tape. Sticky tapes are generally of better quality.

  3. During the use of printing tape, you can see whether it is easy to break, and easy to break indicates that the printing tape is damaged during the production process. You can negotiate with the supplier for the return and replacement.