How to detect the quality of double-sided tape?

- Apr 23, 2018-

The use of adhesive tape products is relatively common, and a proper tape selection is very important. We need to master the correct tape selection techniques to ensure that the use of sealing tape is best applied.


       When choosing the packing tape, we must pay attention to its tightness judgment. The process of tape from the semi-finished product to the finished product is to use the machine for slitting and winding. There is a certain tension, the tension is large, and the tape will be compared with the roll. Tight, the tape should be neatly rolled in accordance with the conventional, so that there is no gap in the tape, glue and air to a small extent, can extend the shelf life of the tape and maximize the retention of adhesive tape.

      Therefore, when we purchase the products of the sealing tape manufacturers, we must not ignore its tightness, so as to ensure the best application effect of the sealing tape.