How to deal with the adhesive tape

- Mar 09, 2018-

Bopp packing tape is a product type that is common to tape manufacturers. After it is used, its adhesive residue is difficult to handle. What should we do about it?

     You can use a wet towel for cleaning. Wet the area with the tape traces with a wet towel, then wipe it slowly, but note that this method can only be used on items that are not afraid of being wet or afraid of water. Alcohol wipes can also be used, but the original colors will also be wiped off, so if there is a place of color, it is not suitable for cleaning with alcohol. In addition, the use of detergent to wipe, there will be very good results. In addition to these aspects, ordinary repellent water is used to remove residual glue.

     General Scotch tape is transparent in appearance, double-sided adhesive, non-toxic, odorless, safe, and easy to use, high efficiency, with high anti-buffering strength, good shrinkage, anti-piercing, tear-resistant performance advantages .