how to choose the thickness of high temperature tape ?

- Mar 19, 2018-

The thicker the high temperature tape is, the higher the cost will be.

Therefore, if the performance is available, everyone should try to choose a thin high temperature tape to reduce the cost. Secondly, the high temperature resistance is different. 

The high temperature tape is composed of a substrate and a glue. The thicker the substrate is, the thicker it is, so it is relatively resistant to higher temperatures, so there is a higher temperature requirement for thicker high temperature tapes. 

The third viscosity is different, and the thicker high-temperature tape is more viscous because it is coated with relatively more glue, so the stickiness is stronger.

However, there is a special case that is not as thick as possible. When the high-temperature tape is attached to a right-angled surface, it should be thinner, because if the temperature is too high, the higher the tension of the high-temperature tape, the easier it will be. The thin high temperature tape tension is not so great, and the adhesiveness will be better.