How to choose the tape

- Apr 03, 2018-

First, determine the material

    The general sealing tape material can be determined by smelling and visually, using the nose to smell the tape, to see if there is a considerable sour smell, if there is a poor quality glue coating, this is a bad quality tape; with the eyes to see the tape, is that kind Very yellowish yellow material, this bopp material is poor, ordinary yellowish and partial white is better.

    Second, test stickiness

    There are professional machines for measuring initial tack, of course, can also be manually tested, that is to use their own fingers to feel, and sticky tape to compare, but this will be more inaccurate, so it is recommended to use machine testing.


    Third, test pull

    Pull out a part of the tape and pull it out by hand to see if it has a large pulling force.

    Fourth, measure the thickness

    There are special instruments for measuring the thickness of the sealing tape. The thickness of the tape is different, and the price will be different. The thicker the tape is, the more adhesive the glue is, and the higher the viscosity, the higher the price.

    Fifth, measurement length and width

    The width of the sealing tape is generally easier to measure, but the length of the sealing tape needs to be measured using a rewinder. Otherwise it is easy to be fooled by some manufacturers, cut corners.

    According to the above five methods to choose sealing tape, you can solve this problem and help you choose the right sealing tape.