How to avoid static electricity in sealing tape

- Mar 28, 2018-

Static electricity is not unfamiliar to everyone. When winter sweaters are worn, static electricity will be generated. Static electricity may cause some changes in the quality of the sealing tape. Therefore, the sealing tape should try to avoid static electricity. So, how to avoid static electricity generated by the sealing tape?


How to avoid static electricity in Shenzhen sealing tape

    1. The exterior of the sealing tape is preferably metal wire, and the roller is made of conductive material and grounded to prevent friction between the sealing tape and the roller and between the conveying material. Or separate and generate static electricity.

    2. When the hopper is used to transport solid materials, the sealing tape will also generate static electricity due to the friction between the hopper and the materials and between the materials. Therefore, the hopper with larger volume to be transported should also be made of conductive material. It should also be grounded.

    3. When people are transporting and packing solid materials, they should avoid friction as much as possible. Packing should not use non-conductive foamed materials as much as possible.

    The above are some ways to avoid static electricity generated by the sealing tape. Static electricity is always present in life. Although most static electricity will not cause any harm, it should also be taken seriously.