How is bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll made?

- Sep 04, 2019-

How is bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll  made?

 Bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll is widely used in daily life. In addition to sticking things, it can also be used to control the amount of spices, remove hair from clothes and hats, correct wrong words, make stickers, and clean hand marks and stains on keyboards.Bopp self adhesive tape jumbo roll uses so much. Do you know how it's made?The main process of transparent tape: blowing film, gluing, rewinding and cutting.

The main production process of transparent tape: film blowing → gluing → rewinding → cutting 1, film blowing plastic masterbatch into the film blowing machine, blowing into plastic film, the width is generally about 1.3m.According to the purpose of the tape, then choose different plastic particles and add some special additives.2, on the glue after blowing film, the film to the coating machine to add coating glue, in fact, this process is mainly according to the adhesive tape viscosity and use to choose glue, such as coating is good after the tape.3, rewinding then it is necessary to rewind the large roll of plastic film through the rewinding machine into a small roll of film, which can be rewinding according to the length of the tape we usually use.4, cutting and rewinding of small film can be used again with the slitting machine slitting into the usual use of tape needed width.Tape production on the quality of the most important link is blowing film and coating these two processes, because these two processes are semi-finished products, after the rewinding, cutting these on the impact of the tape is relatively small.

Transparent adhesive trace removal method 1, turpentine oil is used when painting pen wash liquid.We can use the paper towel to stick some of the pen wash solution in the offset areas for wiping, after a while can be removed.This is the principle by which the old scotch tape is glued down with the new scotch tape, and it is often very practical.3. Eraser this is the easiest way to do it. Of course, the eraser will get very dark at first.Expired skin care products contain chemicals that are useful for removing Seltzer tape.5, alcohol use alcohol to wipe, first use this method must be determined in advance to be wiped the area is not afraid of fading, with a cloth dipped in alcohol to slowly wipe, until wiped off.6. Dishwashing liquid dishwashing liquid also has the effect of removing the trace of transparent adhesive, using the same steps as other methods.7. Nail polish remover regular nail polish remover is very effective in removing transparent adhesive marks because of its chemical composition.